Aspire Rock

What We Do

We use the scientific approach to introduce people to products and services that improve their lives.

What this means is that by combining the power of several distinct data sources, we are able to precisely target the right individuals desired by our clients.

After targeting is complete, we employ an extensive phone qualification process before making introductions to our clients. Every targeted individual that makes it past this step is highly qualified and expected to purchase our client’s offerings.

Finally, we continuously track and measure relevant factors affecting net positive interactions.

This data-driven approach allows us to constantly adjust and optimize a campaign based on real results, giving our clients a predictable flow of warm, qualified leads to their businesses. 

Aspire Rock's Differentiation 

Our value creation strategy is based on three tenets:

  1. Precise Targeting - of the right individuals
  2. Data Science - to determine factors affecting net positive interactions
  3. Lead Qualification - extensive phone conversations prior to making introductions

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